Two tips for people with small wardrobes

Posted on: 10 July 2023

Here are two tips for people with small wardrobes.

They should use the right wardrobe accessories to maximise space

When a person has to fit almost all of their clothes and accessories into a small wardrobe, they will usually need to get creative about how they store their items in this piece of furniture. To do this, they may need to get certain types of accessories for their wardrobe that will allow them to make the most of the space inside it. For example, a person with a small wardrobe should consider opting for extra-slim plastic hangers, rather than bulky wooden ones, as this will maximise the number of garments they can hang up inside the wardrobe.

Additionally, if they have larger garments, like coats or jumpers that they'd like to store in this space, they should consider getting some hanging vacuum bags which, when the air is drawn out of them with a vacuum, will compress the garments that are placed inside them. This will ensure the person's bulkiest garments don't leave them with too little room for their other clothes. It could also be helpful for anyone with a compact wardrobe to get a belt rack and hanging shoe rack, that they can hang on the inside of each wardrobe door. These accessories will not only keep their belts and footwear organised but will also ensure that these items don't use up valuable space on the wardrobe's main clothes rail or its shelves.

They should declutter their wardrobe regularly

When a person has a compact wardrobe, they cannot get away with allowing it to get overfilled with clothing they rarely wear. In addition to leaving them with no space for items they need to wear, overstuffing their small wardrobe could also result in their clothes getting (due to the friction between the tightly-packed garments) and might make finding specific clothing items very time-consuming. 

As such, a person with this type of furniture must declutter their wardrobe regularly. For example, they might want to commit to evaluating the contents of their wardrobe once a month and decluttering any clothing they no longer need or like during each of these decluttering sessions. Additionally, they should consider adopting the 'one item in, one item out' rule, which would mean they would need to donate or sell one existing item in their wardrobe before adding a new item to this space. This approach could cut down on how often they need to declutter their wardrobe to prevent it from getting overstuffed.

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