Three Must-Have Features on Adjustable Beds for Seniors

Posted on: 28 March 2022

As you age, you may start developing chronic sleep issues resulting from back pains, nerve issues, sleep apnea and limited mobility. It is easy to notice these issues if you stay with an elderly loved one who is using an ordinary bed. Notably, an adjustable bed can make sleeping much more comfortable for senior citizens. However, you must purchase an adjustable bed specifically designed for the elderly. This article highlights features you should look for in such adjustable beds.

Seating Swivel Mechanism

One of the major issues senior citizens encounter with traditional beds is sitting up and getting out of bed. They must actively engage their joints and muscles for several minutes, which might seem like an eternity. Unfortunately, the efforts sometimes lead to accidental falls and injuries. Although some adjustable beds assist senior citizens in sitting up before getting out of bed, that may not be enough. Adjustable beds with a seating swivel mechanism are specifically designed for senior citizens with restricted mobility who struggle with getting in and out of bed. When lying in bed, a user activates the bed's seating position then combines it with the swivel mechanism. It allows the bed to momentarily transform into a chair and move a user from an upright seated position to a lying position and vice versa.

Height Adjustable Bed

If an elderly person occasionally suffers from joint, back and muscle pain, it can be tempting to buy an adjustable bed of standard height. Unfortunately, an adjustable bed with a fixed height does not consider instances when an elderly will experience joint and muscle problems. Therefore, you have to help them in and out of bed during such times, but they might feel like they are losing their independence. To prevent dependence, you should buy an adjustable bed that allows the elderly to adjust the frame's height whenever they wish. Since adjusting the height shortens the distance between the bed and the floor, it is suitable for senior citizens of varying heights.

Built-In Programmable Massage Mechanism

Many senior citizens will tell you that they like a good massage, considering their joint and muscle issues. Therefore, purchasing an adjustable bed with a built-in programmable massage mechanism makes sense. The massage mechanism in most adjustable beds is split into different zones, including the head and feet. Therefore, once an elderly person gets into bed, they can activate the mechanism and choose a zone that needs a good massage. They can even program the massage intensity and duration for better sleep.