5 Reasons to Love Recycled Wood Furniture

Posted on: 10 November 2021

With the need to protect the environment at the forefront of many people's minds, recycled wood furniture is becoming a very popular option. Furniture stores are increasingly stocking pieces that have been made using wood that has been reclaimed, rather than fresh timber. Here are a few important reasons why it is time to embrace recycled wood furniture.

1. Protect Earth's Natural Resources

Cutting down the world's forests to create timber for furniture poses serious environmental problems. The loss of forested land can lead to species becoming threatened or even extinct, leading to a serious loss of biodiversity on Earth. Recycled wood furniture does not require any forests to be cut down to produce it, so it can protect natural resources and biodiversity.

2. Tackle Climate Change

When trees are cut down, they lose the ability to take in carbon dioxide and lock it away. Meanwhile, disposing of old wood through burning or leaving it in a landfill releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Using recycled wood to create furniture tackles both of these problems at the same time, helping to keep carbon levels in the atmosphere in balance.

3. Enjoy a Unique Piece of Furniture

Every piece of recycled wood furniture carries its history in the form of knots, grain patterns, discolouration, nail holes and other marks. Every piece of reclaimed wood has its own story to tell. Compared to mass-produced furniture, recycled wood furniture is brimming with character and can bring a sense of unique style to your home.

4. Expect Great Durability

Many people worry that recycled wood furniture could have maintenance issues that are not present with modern mass-produced furniture. In fact, the opposite can be true. Recycled wood has already spent several years going through cycles of contraction and expansion in response to changing weather conditions. As a result, it is much less likely that it is going to change shape any further than it has already done. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your recycled wood furniture splitting or warping.

5. Get Great Quality Wood

Often, older pieces of furniture are made from higher-quality wood than modern pieces. Some types of wood that are rarely used today can be found in recycled furniture, giving you access to the full range of beautiful grains and properties that wood can offer. Take a look at the recycled wood furniture offered at your favourite furniture store to find the perfect piece for your home. Contact a local furniture store to learn more.