Tips for Prolonging the Service Life of a Recliner Chair

Posted on: 23 April 2021

For the elderly and people with back problems, nothing matches the joy of sinking into a high-quality recliner chair after a long day. The chairs are comfortable and relieve you of any pain when sitting or standing. However, a recliner chair does not last forever, but it does not mean that you cannot prolong its service life. Here are steps you can take to improve the durability of a recliner chair.

Vacuum Regularly

Recliner chairs are unique because they recline and raise at the touch of a button. Recliner chairs have moving parts underneath, which enable their smooth motion. With this in mind, you must ensure that moving parts are clear of any debris, which might affect seamless movement. Regular vacuuming helps prevent debris from sinking deep into a recliner chair and making its way to the springs and hinges. For instance, if your kids frequently sit on a recliner while eating snacks, you should clean it immediately they leave.

Use Throws

Quality recliner chairs are designed with a client's comfort in mind. Therefore, you might want to sit directly on the fabric. It's important to know that some parts of a recliner chair experience more friction than others, promoting tear and wear. For example, headrests and armrests experience a lot of friction and wear out faster than other parts. Therefore, it is advisable to use throws on such parts to prevent direct contact with the body. However, invest in high-quality, comfortable throws since you will use them a lot. Most importantly, throws ensure that a recliner chair's fabric retains its condition for a long time. That said, you should avoid placing fabric over the entire chair because it might restrict smooth operation.

Keep Cables Neat

The electric cables supplying a recliner chair with power need frequent inspections to prevent damage. The reason is that tangled wires shorten and easily get pinched between moving parts. Therefore, always check the cable leading to a wall socket. The wire should always be straight before you hook a recliner chair to an electric outlet. Besides, a tangled cord ensures minimal chair movement, affecting the overall comfort of a user. A tangle-free cable is long. Therefore, you do not have to move a chair close to a socket every time you want to use it. It would help if you also remembered to inspect internal wires and connections regularly for wear and wear.

For more information about recliner chairs, contact a supplier.