How To Update Your House Without Breaking The Bank

Posted on: 28 August 2019

Keeping your house fresh and feeling new is very important to your mental stimulation and overall wellbeing. Feeling at home in your house is important but if you keep your home the same for years upon years, this can start to cause you to feel like you too are stuck. With a few small updates to your living environment, you can feel excited about where you are again and this can improve your overall mood too. The best thing is that these changes don't have to be extremely expensive and often it is better to start small and work your way up.

Dining Chairs

An old set of dining chairs that look out of place in your home can cause embarrassment and can prevent you from wanting to host guests. Dining chairs are supposed to be elegant but not loud; in other words, they should not be the main feature of the room but they should compliment the more prominent items like the table and the decor. Finding a set of dining chairs that suits your room and table is all about matching colours, materials and style. If you had a regular wooden dining table then high backed, gothic chairs simply wouldn't do. Decide on what you like in your current dining room and then look for a set of dining chairs that fulfil those parameters. Make sure they are comfortable and made of durable material but otherwise go wild!


A good bit of art or a photo collection can totally change the atmosphere of a room. Think about what your art is projecting and then decide if those emotions and feelings are what you really want to have in that room. For example, if your art is more melancholy or reflective, then, no matter how beautiful it is, it probably isn't something you want in the living room or kitchen, rooms where you want to feel lively and energised. Get something that you personally like and in a style that is appropriate for the room. So much of our mood is based on subconscious triggers, and art can have a huge impact on how you feel.

Update Your Appliances

It is very common for people to put up with old or faulty appliances long after their usefulness has expired because they simply get into a routine and don't even think about replacing them. If your kettle boils slowly or doesn't get the water hot enough anymore, then go and get a new one! Don't put up with mediocrity, as these small inconveniences can build up to an overall annoyance with your living conditions. Toasters, hotplates, sandwich makers, grills, coffee machines and many more appliances are so easy to replace and many cheap options are far better than the high-end models from 5-10 years ago.