When and Why You Might Need Custom Cabinets Made for the Bathroom

Posted on: 29 May 2017

Having sufficient cabinetry in the bathroom is necessary for adequate storage, and is especially needed for a space without a linen closet, medicine cabinet, and other such built-in storage. You may not have thought about adding custom cabinetry to your home's bathrooms, but note when this might be good for your home, and why such cabinets can be needed in the space.

The bathroom is very small

Cabinets bought at a home supply store may get in the way of foot traffic in a small bathroom and may interfere with the opening of a shower door or bathroom door. They can also just jut out in an unsightly manner when placed above the toilet or other areas.

A custom cabinet can be made to whatever size would offer the storage you need without overwhelming a small bathroom or getting in the way, or looking downright unsightly. A custom cabinet maker can also design cabinets to fit into small and tight areas of your bathroom, such as the space between the sink and toilet, or even over the bathroom door, so you're making use of every available inch or centimetre.

You share a bath and have no room to prep

Most families will have shared bathrooms, for the parents or kids, or both. Each person then needs space to shave, fix their hair, apply makeup, and so on. If you have no room in the bathroom for your morning routine because of the space getting crowded by someone else, note that custom cabinet makers can create separate cabinets with individual mirrors, as well as hooks and bins for holding hairstyling tools, shaving needs, makeup items, and so on. This can mean no longer fighting with someone over mirror space, or finding that all your personal care items get cluttered and mixed in with each other.

You need storage, but like an open and airy look

Adding standard cabinets from a supply store to a bathroom can certainly provide storage, but it can also make the bathroom look small and crowded no matter the actual size of the space. You may also simply prefer the look of an open space without lots of cabinets.

Whatever your preference, a custom cabinet maker can create cabinets with open shelving, frosted doors, lighting on the underside, or with plenty of space between them. You'll then get the storage you need without feeling as if the bathroom is closed in and claustrophobic.