Five Tips for Repairing Pet Scratches and Bites on Furniture

Posted on: 14 April 2017

If your dog has been biting and scratching at your furniture, there are a few things you can do to repair the damage. Here's a look at some options. Until your dog is fully trained, you may want to try some of the temporary approaches, and then, when he's done with his furniture chewing stage, you can progress to the more permanent repairs.

1. Make Duct Tape Patches

For a clever approach to dealing with holes and scratches in upholstery, try making duct tape patches. The patches are durable and relatively resistant to future scratching, and they are easy to make. You can buy coloured duct tape and create small patches shaped like flowers or other designs. Alternatively, you can recover an entire piece of furniture with duct tape if you like.

2. Fill and Stain Wood

If your dog has scratched exposed wood on your furniture, you can often fix that yourself as well. Buy some wood putty and use that to fill in the gouges. Once it dries, apply stain to the patch so that it matches the rest of the furniture. Finally, gently sand down the excess filler and apply more stain as needed.

3. Cover the Furniture

To take the easy way out and keep your furniture looking good, consider using furniture covers. contemporary covers are much different than the loose, messy-looking covers of the past. Many companies make microfibre furniture covers that actually cling to your furniture and make it look as if you've gotten new upholstery. To create the cleanest lines, look for a cover that has separate covers for each of the cushions and another cover for the rest of the couch or chair.

4. Experiment With Upholstery Patches

If you don't like the look of covers and want something more formal than a duct tape patch, you can try to sew on your own upholstery patches. Find some upholstery or other sturdy fabric that complements your existing furniture. Then, invest in a large upholstery needle and sew on the patch by hand.

5. Contact a Professional

Once your dog is fully trained, you may want to get a more permanent fix for your furniture. Professional furniture restorers can do almost anything. They can patch leather and fabric upholstery; They can repair pet scratches as well as termite damage in the wood, and they can do much more restoration work as well. To get a quote, contact a furniture restorer today.