How to Add Storage In Even the Smallest of Bedrooms

Posted on: 29 March 2017

Storage can be a challenge in a small bedroom, especially for kids with lots of toys and grownups with lots of clothes and accessories. However, you can find storage for everything you need even in the smallest of bedrooms, if you consider the following simple tips and tricks.

Upper shelf

You may not be able to put a bookshelf in a small bedroom without it getting in the way of foot traffic and other furniture, so add a shelf along the upper part of the wall, level and even with the doorframe. You can add baskets for storing clothes, linens, accessories and anything else you want to keep mostly out of sight. This high shelf will be accessible yet out of the way.

Hooks for jewellery and accessories

You may not have room in a dresser for jewellery, scarves, handbags and other accessories, so consider hanging these on walls or behind a door. Hooks inside the closet door can hold neckties, belts and scarves so they don't take up closet or drawer space. For jewellery, add decorative hooks to a corkboard and use them to hang rings, necklaces and bracelets. Use pushpins to attach small boxes to the board that will hold smaller items like earrings and cuff links.

Under the bed

Storing items under the bed might allow them to get dusty and out of reach; to solve this problem, use plastic totes or bins with lids and wheels. The plastic will protect out-of-season clothes, paperwork, kids' toys and computer equipment, and keeping the bins on wheels makes it easy for you to reach them without having to crawl under the bed yourself.

You may even want to consider getting a bed frame that has built in drawers, which can be especially useful for kids.

Wall space

Note any empty wall space that can be better utilised for storage with the use of small shelves, bins, canisters, baskets and other items. For example, you might attach canisters to the space above a desk to hold pencils and other office supplies. If the space above the bed is empty, attach some baskets you can use for holding night-time reading or small linens.

Storage furniture

Invest in bedroom furniture with great storage options; beyond a bed frame with built in storage, look for or a desk with built-in cabinets and organising accessories versus one that only has a desktop and legs. When shopping for a headboard for the bed, choose one with a shelf space for books rather than just a solid, decorative piece.