How to Add Style to Even the Smallest of Patio Spaces

Posted on: 28 March 2017

When you have a small patio space outside your home, it can be challenging to add style and create a welcoming atmosphere without making that space seem crowded and claustrophobic. However, you can add some very attractive features to even the smallest of spaces so that it seems cosy and not closed-in and comfortable but not crowded. Note a few simple tips for doing this.

Use curtains rather than walls or shrubbery

Adding a wall to the sides of the patio or planting thick and tall shrubbery can give you privacy and noise insulation. While attractive and functional, these features might seem a bit overwhelming for a small space. Instead, use outdoor curtains that you hang from a framework or awning. The thinner material of the curtains won't seem so imposing, and a densely woven fabric can mean blocking out some light and sound so you have privacy and comfort on the patio space.

Go up

Adding plants and greenery can make an outdoor space seem very cosy and welcoming, but they can also take up valuable floor space and get in the way of foot traffic and furniture. Install some hooks to the side of the house, the posts of a gazebo, or lattice wall instead. This allows you to add the greenery you want while keeping those plants off the floor and out of the way.

Scale down furniture

Oversized patio furniture may look nice and be comfortable, but it easily crowds a small space. Opt for more compact bamboo or teak furniture, which is more comfortable than metal and add cushions for colour and comfort. Scale down the tables outside as well; you probably only need a few small side tables for drinks and snacks, rather than a large centre table that will take up more space than necessary.

This also means scaling down lighting and other accessories. Consider adding rope lighting around a patio door frame or the posts of a gazebo, rather than using outdoor lamps or an overhead light. Use small space heaters rather than an upright, commercial-grade heater. This will also open up the space and ensure nothing is in the way.


Don't use your patio space for storage; remove bikes, sporting goods, lawn care equipment, and totes and bins that are better stored elsewhere. Opt for a self-storage unit if needed, or get a locked storage bin and place it elsewhere on the property so it's out of the way of the patio. This will ensure the space is used for relaxing and nothing else.